Our Mission and Vision

Atlanta Turtle Group was founded from a desire to develop new ways of helping people buy and sell real estate that keeps the client’s needs first.  We believe that Real Estate is more than just a business.  Real Estate is one of the most important aspects of one’s life, where you are building a home, a sanctuary, a place for love, comfort, safety, and recharging.  The home is a major financial investment and an opportunity to build wealth and security.  The home is the heart and soul of the family.  Home is where the heart is, and not every house is your home.   Helping people find their “home” is what we love doing.  

Most real estate teams are organized in a hierarchical structure, where newer, younger agents work with the clients while the more experienced agents focus on running the business and training the younger agents.   

We knew that the most effective and efficient way to help our clients was to have them working with the most experienced agents who specialize in different neighborhoods or have special expertise in specific areas of real estate.  We have over 100 years of combined real estate experience.  Not only that, but we also recognized that building an organization around the people doing what they enjoyed doing, made our people more effective and efficient in serving our clients.  So we built our business on Trust, Value, Experience, and Results.

Focusing on those four pillars, we built a team of highly Experienced agents to bring the greatest Value to our clients, to achieve the optimum Results.  We knew this would build Trust and connection with our clients so that we would create Clients for Life, Who Create Clients for Life.  This sustainable, self propagating business model has been the foundation of our success.  

We are your “Trusted Real Estate Advisors” and we are ready to use our experience to help in your next move.