The question we get asked the most is 

“What is the meaning of the Turtle?  Why is it the symbol for your group?”

When we set out to create a team that was unique and different in this marketplace, we also wanted to create a symbol and a brand that embodied that difference.  

I had been taking yearly trips to the Hawaiian Islands and every time I felt a sense of peace, calm, confidence, excitement, and joy.  I returned feeling recharged, recommitted, and ready to serve our clients in new and better ways.  

On one of my trips, I began to look for a symbol that could help bring that feeling back into our business.  I began to encounter green sea turtles at every turn.  I snorkeled with them, kayaked with them, and saw them from the boats, from the beach, from the beautiful cliffs.  

I began to research these beautiful creatures and talk with some of the locals about them.  The more I learned, the more I realized that the turtle embodied all of the characteristics that I wanted our team to embody.  If we did, then we could bring that sense of peace, calm, confidence, excitement, and joy to our clients during our brief encounters thereby having the greatest impact possible.  We would be able to build that trust and connection that is so important to us.  

The ancient myths and legends from that area named this turtle the “Honu”.  They lived alongside the Honu and observed amazing things about this turtle.  Over time, the Honu came to symbolize great wisdom, experience, longevity, sustainability, and incredible navigational skills through unknown waters.  

The turtle has earned great respect from the people especially because they always created reciprocal relationships with those around it.  

The Honu represents peace, longevity, endurance, patience, wisdom under duress, and protection.  The honu is a powerful metaphor of the connection between people, land, and the ocean.  The Honu is a symbol of longevity, safety, and mana (spiritual energy).  

As we work with our clients, in today’s challenging times, we strive to bring forward the wisdom and experience necessary to navigate our way to your “home”, just as the Honu does.