Filing for Homestead Exemption

You’re a homeowner! Take advantage of the Homestead Exemption

Congrats! You’re a Homeowner.

Not only do you get to swell with pride every time you pull into the driveway, being a homeowner also allows you to realize some serious tax savings via homestead exemption.

First and foremost – what is homestead?
/ˈhōmˌsted / n.
1. A state or local tax break that exempts a certain amount of the value of property upon which a property tax is based.2. A means by which a homeowner can reduce the amount of taxes owed on the property if the property is used as the homeowner’s residence. Borrowers must contact their local taxing authority to find out if the Homestead Exemption is offered and if they qualify.

Here’s what this means for you. If you purchased a home, more specifically, your primary residence in 2019, you’re now eligible to apply for / qualify for homestead exemption. Georgia law provides that every homeowner is eligible to claim a Homestead Exemption for a primary residence owned on January 1, 2020. This property tax benefit can amount to considerable annual savings for you.

Ready to file?

Here’s what you’ll want to have handy when you head online to complete your homestead exemption application:

· Homeowner Name· Property Address· Parcel ID # (if you need this, please contact me directly)
City of Decatur Dekalb County – You must file online with both the City and the County.

Dekalb County Unincorporated City of Altanta / Dekalb County  It will automatically file with the City.

City of Atlanta / Fulton County – It will automatically file with the City. Fulton County makes you work for your Homestead – follow the previous link and create a new account by clicking on “File Homestead Exemption.” Once you’ve created your account, you can fill everything out online (be sure to hit submit).

Cobb County – Be sure to MAIL your application in (instruction on 2nd page of application).

City of Marietta / Cobb County – File with the City.  

Note:  We also recommend completing and submitting a PT-50R tax form with your homestead exemption as well as including a copy with your 2019 tax returns. This provides you basis to support / challenge / appeal your property value with your local government.